Identifying The Right Options For Personal Loan Providers in Texas

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Are you looking for a personal loan in Texas? Maybe your car broke down, or you had a plumbing mishap, or perhaps you need a down payment on a new car. Regardless of the reason you need a personal loan, one that fits your unique financial needs, with an interest rate and terms you can live with. Personal loans make a great alternative to credit cards for large purchases as the APR and terms tend to be much better. Yet how are you going to find the right personal loan for your unique needs? Our website is here to help by reviewing several loan providers who serve residents of Texas with personal loans. Below is a list of personal loan providers we favor, we give it to you straight, both the pro’s and the cons. Here is our list of favored lenders for Texas:

Texas Direct
Texas Direct Cash provides residents of Texas with personal loans in amounts ranging from $500 – $5000. Unlike many loan providers they have no minimum credit score requirement, and they do work with select individuals with poor credit. Obviously the higher your credit score is the better the rate you will receive. They feature flexible terms. You can apply online and receive your approval in less than a day, with the funds wired directly to your bank account. Funding takes place the next business day. This is not a payday loan provider, they are fully regulated, licensed and audited by the State of Texas. I should point out they absolutely require autopay to be set up, you cannot obtain the loan without setting up autopay. They do report your good loan behavior to all 3 of the credit bureaus, so if you are looking to give your credit score a boost this is the perfect way to do just that, provided that you pick out a loan that you can afford.

This online bank offers personal loans in Texas. You can borrow money for whatever you want, be it a car, a down payment for your new home or that dream vacation you have been meaning to take. They offer interest rates as low as 6.99% APR, depending of course on your credit score and credit history. They feature fixed APR rates so your payment amount will never change, nor is there any surprised balloon payments at the end of the loan. They offer terms up to 48 months. They also do not penalize you if you opt to pay off the loan early, which many borrowers prefer to do. In fact getting out of debt as quickly as possible is the best thing you could do, and with you can do exactly that. They also have very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They also offer manual reviews if you are denied on an online application, you only need to call and ask to speak to a financial officer.


Vouch offers residents of Texas with personal loans. What is unique is that your loan requires vouches, which are exactly like a co-signer, with the exception that you can have dozens of people vouch for you if you can convince that many to do so. With each valid vouch you receive, you will obtain a lower APR. APR’s from 5.00% to 29.96%, with the rate of 29.96% meaning only one vouch and terrible credit. They do not penalize you for paying off your loan early, and they offer generous terms of up to 60 months. You can borrow as low as $500 and as much as $15,000. Your loan limits, and APR will depend on your credit score and the amount of valid vouches you receive.